The Nexa Center for Internet & Society announces the Fellows for 2012 and three new members of the Board of Trustees

Turin, 11th april 2012. The Nexa Center for Internet & Society at Politecnico di Torino (DAUIN) is pleased to announce the new Fellows for 2012 who will contribute to the activities of the Center. Moreover, the Nexa Center is glad to announce that Prof. Urs Gasser (Harvard University), Prof. Jean-Claude Guédon (Université de Montréal) and Prof. David Post (Temple University) joined the Board of Trustees.

Nexa Fellows for 2012

Mauro Alovisio - Fellow
Mauro Alovisio graduated in Law at the University of Turin, Italy. He has specialized in Defense of Privacy, Personal Data and New Technologies Law. Currently he is working at the Legal Office of the University of Turin. Mauro is author of scientific articles published in Italian journals and co-author on law books. He is a member of the Scientific Committee of the "Centro Studi di Informatica Giuridica" and of the "Commissione Informatica del Consiglio dell'Ordine degli Avvocati di Torino". As part of his Nexa fellowship, Mauro will focus on research topics related to personal data in the EVPSI project and within the implementation of pilots in the Open-DAI project, also touching other issues related to public administrations in digital environment.

Eleonora Bassi - Fellow
Eleonora Bassi holds a Degree in Law (cum laude) and a PhD in Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory (University of Turin). Her main research fields are legal theory, privacy and data protection law and fundamental rights. She has been involved in the EVPSI project and in the LAPSI Thematic Network studying privacy issues related to open data policies. As part of her Nexa fellowship, Eleonora will contribute to the drafting of the policy recommendations related to data protection of the LAPSI project and she will also support the development of some pilots that require the treatment of personal data in the Open-DAI project.

Raimondo Iemma - Staff Research Fellow
Raimondo Iemma holds a master's degree in Industrial engineering from the Politecnico di Torino. Prior to joining the Nexa Center in 2012, he worked as researcher at Fondazione Rosselli and as project manager at Cotec, an Italian think tank on innovation policy. He has been involved in several EU projects in the fields of economics of science / technology foresight and, since 2009, in EVPSI. His research activity at the Nexa Center covers the assessment of costs and economic and social impact of Open Data models, also applied to Public Sector Information, from a multidisciplinary 'Internet Science' perspective. In particular, Raimondo will contribute to the research carried out within EVPSI (economic aspects), Open-DAI (data assessment and sustainability models) and the network EINS.

Monica A. Senor - Fellow
Monica A. Senor is a criminal lawyer, specialising in legal issues concerning digital and biometric forensics and data protection. Since 2002 she worked as external member for the Turin Bar Association. From 2004 to 2008 she was councillor of the "Camera Penale del Piemonte occidentale e della Valle d'Aosta" and she is currently a member of the Management Committee of the UCPI Territorial School, a school that promotes and cares the training of criminal lawyers. She contributes to several on-line magazines, such as, and Her papers have also been published by Giappichelli, EGEA and UTET. As part of her Nexa fellowship, Monica will propose research topics related to computer forensics and fundamental rights from an “Internet & Society” perspective, while continuing to support specific activities of the Center, such as policy management related to personal information in Neubot project.

Giuseppe Vaciago - Fellow
Giuseppe Vaciago has been a lawyer and a member of the Milan Bar since 2002 and for the last 10 years his primary focus has been IT Law with a focus on cyber crime. He has assisted many national and international IT companies. Academically, he received his PhD on Digital Forensics from Università di Milano and he is a lecturer at Insubria University (Varese and Como) where he holds a course on IT law. He recently attended Fordham Law School and Stanford Law School as a Visiting Scholar to expand his studies in his own particular research area. Giuseppe Vaciago is the author of many publications on cybercrime, including both scientific journals and textbooks, which have been adopted by the University where he teaches. He has also delivered many lectures and presentations in both Italy and abroad. As part of his Nexa fellowship, Giuseppe will propose research topics related to computer forensics and fundamental rights from an “Internet & Society” perspective, acting at the same time as the coordinator of Nexa Center activities related to the Open Data policies in the City of Milan.

Nexa Center Fellows for 2011 Davide Bardone, Andrea Cairola, Carolina di Vonzo, Corrado Druetta and Valentin Vitkov have concluded, at least for the moment, their formal collaboration with the Nexa Center: a heartfelt acknowledgement goes to them for their contribution to the activities of the Center, hoping to get to work together again soon.

New members of the Board of Trustees

Urs Gasser
Prof. Urs Gasser is the Executive Director of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. He teaches at Harvard Law School, at the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland) and Fudan University School of Management (China). He is a visiting professor at KEIO University (Japan) and a Fellow at the Gruter Institute for Law and Behavioral Research. Urs Gasser has written several books, is the co-author of "Interop: The Promise and Perils of Highly Interconnected Systems“ (Basic Books, 2012, with John Palfrey) and Born Digital: Understanding the First Generation of Digital Natives” (Basic Books, 2008, with John Palfrey) that has been translated into 10 languages (including Chinese), and has published over 70 articles in professional journals.

Jean-Claude Guédon
Prof. Jean-Claude Guédon began his career at Glendon College (York University) in Toronto, Ontario in 1970 and has been a professor at the Université de Montréal since 1973, first in the Institut d'histoire et de sociopolitique des sciences, and, since 1987, in the Département de littérature comparée. He is a long-time member of the Internet Society. Between 1998 and 2003, he was Chair of the Advisory Board for CNSLP (Canadian National Site Licence Project), now known as CRKN (Canadian Research Knowledge Network). From 2002 until 2006, he was a member of OSI's Information Program sub-board. Between 2003 and 2007, he was a member of the Advisory Board of eIFL (Electronic Information for Libraries). In 2006 he was elected (until November 2008) Vice-President of the Canadian Society for the Humanities and Social Sciences.

David Post
Prof. David Post is currently the I. Herman Stern Professor of Law at the Beasley School of Law at Temple University, where he teaches intellectual property law and the law of cyberspace. He is also a Fellow at the Center for Democracy and Technology, a Fellow of the Institute for Information Law and Policy at New York Law School, an Adjunct Scholar at the Cato Institute, and a contributor to the influential Volokh Conspiracy blog. After receiving a Ph.D. in physical anthropology, he taught in the Anthropology Department at Columbia University before attending Georgetown Law Center, from which he graduated summa cum laude in 1986. Professor Post's writings can be accessed online at

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