Joint International Doctoral (Ph.D.) Degree in Law, Science and Technology

LAST-JD Call for application
Deadline 1st February 2013

The Joint International Doctoral Degree in Law, Science and Technology is an interdisciplinary integrated program designed to address the new legal, socio-ethical, and technical challenges posed by the information society and the newly emerging technologies.

The Nexa Center for Internet & Society at Politecnico di Torino (DAUIN) is an Associate Partner of LAST-JD. The Nexa Center will collaborate to the development of the curriculum, suggesting topics for courses, seminars and theses, and offer internships to interested candidates.

The program covers three different research fields with its curricula:
- Bioethics and Biolaw, which looks at the legal and ethical issues arising in connection with advances in biology and medicine;
- ICT Law, addressing the legal risks and opportunities in ICT;
- Legal Informatics, an area of informatics that takes law as its subject matter, developing techniques with which to manage the legal domain.

This program promotes European excellence, innovation, and competitiveness in such critical legal and ethical fields as the regulation of privacy, genomics and biobanks, e-government, e-health and e-commerce, the right of free speech on the Internet and intellectual property rights (IPR) with respect to the new technologies. Moreover, the program furthers the design of new software to support the legal profession, including systems based on the explicit representation of laws and regulations in a computable form, as well as systems for checking compliance with international, European, and national legalframeworks and systems in AI & Law.

Details are available online.