Righteous Robots, From Leibniz

Righteous Robots, From Leibniz

Prof. Selmer Bringsjord
(Rensselaer AI & Reasoning Laboratory)

Mercoledì 16 novembre 2016 ore 18 in punto
(termine: ore 20)

Centro Nexa su Internet e Società
Politecnico di Torino, Via Boggio 65/a, Torino (1° piano)
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Selmer Bringsjord
A number of groups across the globe are striving to engineer autonomous robots of today and tomorrow so that they invariably meet their moral and legal obligations. (These groups are motivated by many things, including fear of future malevolent machines with superhuman intelligence that may cause our doom.) When pursued on the basis of Leibniz's ethics, this endeavor is at least exceedingly peculiar. The reason, in a word, is that a truly moral machine, for Leibniz, would be a godly machine. But does it not seem peculiar (if not silly and/or outright sacrilegious) to strive to engineer a godly robot? Yes — but as a true-blue Leibnizian I'm (for reasons to be explained) forced by the application of logic to do so nonetheless, and examples of such righteous robots are shown, explained, and defended.


Selmer Bringsjord specializes in building AI systems and robots with human-level powers, and in the philosophical and logico-mathematical foundations of AI, where such questions as to whether we are ourselves machines is engaged. His approach to AI is not inaccurately encapsulated by saying that it is ultimately an attempt to reach Leibniz's dream of a logic so deep and broad and subtle that it can capture all human and machine cognition. Bringsjord is the author of numerous publications, most of which are offered at www.rpi.edu/~brings, where his full (hot linked) cv is available.

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Righteous Robots, From Leibniz Righteous Robots, From Leibniz Righteous Robots, From Leibniz Righteous Robots, From Leibniz

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