Announcement 2011 Fellows and of a new Trustee

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The Nexa Center for Internet & Society at Politecnico di Torino (DAUIN) is pleased to announce the new Fellows for 2011 who will contribute to the activities of the Center. Moreover, the Nexa Center is pleased to announce that dr. Giulio De Petra has joined the Nexa Board of Trustees. "We are very glad to welcome two new fellows, my colleague prof. Alessandro Mantelero and dott. Claudio Artusio" stated the Nexa co-director, prof. Juan Carlos De Martin. "They have both been contributing for many months to the life of the Center, therefore we were delighted when they accepted our invitation to become fellows for 2011." The other Nexa co-director, prof. Marco Ricolfi, thus commented on the appointment of the new Trustee: "Dott. Giulio De Petra has been encouraging us, participating in our meetings and sustaining the Center since even before the Center formally existed. His vast experience and his passion for the Internet will undoubtedly be of great value for the Nexa Center for years to come."

New Member of the Board of Trustees

*Giulio De Petra, after being CNIPA General Manager, General Manager of Innovation for the Sardegna Regional Government and then for the Calabria Regional Government, is now Director of Local Authorities for Informatica Trentina. More biographical information about dr. De Petra available on the Nexa Center website.

Nexa Fellows 2011

*Alessandro Mantelero - Faculty Fellow:
Confirmed Assistant Professor at Politecnico di Torino, Fourth School of Engineering Management and Industrial Engineering, where he teaches Private Law. He graduated cum laude in Law at the University of Turin on 1998. Ph.D. in Civil Law from the same University. He is author of numerous publications, among which are the following: "Attività di impresa in Internet e tutela della persona" and "Il costo della privacy tra valore della persona e ragione d'impresa". He is currently focusing his studies on data protection, ISP liability and legal implications of cloud computing.

*Claudio Artusio - Research Fellow:
He's graduated in Law at the Univerisity of Turin in 2009. He started collaborating with the Nexa Center during the spring of 2010, collecting material and news to post on the Creative Commons Italia website. He is currently managing the contents of the EVPSI Research Project (funded by Regione Piemonte) website along with the contents of the LAPSI European Thematic Network (funded by the European Union) website. Furthermore, he is involved in the EVPSI Research Project studying the potential connections between trademarks (and related IP rights) and public sector information.

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