OpenCoesione and Monithon - a Transparency Effort

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Lorenzo Canova , Antonio Vetro’, Marco Torchiano, Raimondo Iemma, Federico Morando
1 July 2014

This work describes two Italian Open Government Data initiatives, OpenCoesione and Monithon, and their role in helping government transparency.
OpenCoesione is the first portal about the fulfilment of investments and projects planned by the Italian central government and by the Italian Regions using the 2007­2013 European Cohesion funds. Together with Monithon, it is a “transparency tool” whose aim is to foster participation of the citizens and efficiency of the public sector bodies in order to improve the implementation of development policies. By now it is one of the best Open Data portal in Italy quality­wise.
Underspendig is one of the main problems the Italian Government is facing with the EU Cohesion Funds. OpenCoesione and Monithon can contribute solving this inefficiency, e.g., by presenting data in such a (standardised) way to enable their elaboration by third parties

The paper is available in PDF version.