Creative Commons Italia

Creative Commons Italia
November 2003 - April 2018
In-kind (contributions from fellows)
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Since July 2003 and until April 2018, the Nexa Center hosted and coordinated the activities of the working group of Creative Commons Italy (CC-IT). During the reporting period, in the context of an overall strategy concerning the redesign of its Global Network, Creative Commons Corporation unilaterally terminated all its Memoranda of Understanding with national affiliates. In this context and considering the current research focus of the Nexa staff and fellows and the fact of having recently concluded the work to release the official Italian translation of CC licenses in their 4.0 version, the Nexa Center has decided not to apply to join the new CC Global Network as an Institutional Member.


Creative Commons (CC) is a project building a new and more flexible paradigm for copyright. CC develops standardized copyright licenses and other (optional) technical tools to assist authors wanting to share some of their rights with users and fellow authors in a way that is easy, flexible and legally rigorous.


Last Update: 2014-03-31; Next Expected Update: 2015-04-20

Creative Commons Italia is a project and working group that translates, adapts and checks the compatibility of CC licenses with the Italian legal setting. The project also manages the website and mailing-lists of, collecting and spreading news and information about the project, and deals with awareness, dissemination, and some community building activities. In 2013/2014, CC-IT concentrated its effort in the drafting and translation process of the CC4.0 licenses. Also, to better fulfill its dissemination purposes the website is currently being updated.


During the reporting period, CC Italy (jointly) released (with CC Corporation) the official Italian translation of Creative Commons Public Licenses in their 4.0 version. In parallel, the CC-IT team continued to answer several email and phone inquiries concerning CC each month. The website also continued to be popular, with a total of 68,899 visits from 53,963 different users exploring 155,440 pages.
Consistently with its historical commitment to supporting the CC community, and despite the termination of the MoU with CC Corporation, the Nexa Center also accepted to continue to maintain and administer the website for a limited time period, in order to facilitate the handover of such activities to a forming Italian Chapter within the new Creative Commons Global Network.

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