105° Nexa Lunch Seminar - Ideal technologies, ideal women: Looking at Redditors’ AI and gender imaginaries of the Replika chatbot

Per il ciclo di incontri “i Nexa Lunch Seminar” (ogni 4° mercoledì del mese)
105° Nexa Lunch Seminar

Ideal technologies, ideal women

Looking at Redditors’ AI and

gender imaginaries of the Replika chatbot


(University of Loughborough)

Mercoledì 26 aprile 2023, ore 13.00
(termine: ore 14.00)

Centro Nexa su Internet e Società, Politecnico di Torino, Via Boggio 65/a, Torino (1° piano)
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There is extensive literature on how expectations and imaginaries about artificial intelligence (AI) guide media and policy discussions. However, it has not been considered how such imaginaries are activated when users interact with AI technologies. In this presentation, I present findings of a study on how users on a subreddit discussed ‘training’ their Replika bot girlfriend. The discussions featured two discursive themes that focused on the AI imaginary of ideal technology and the gendered imaginary of the ideal bot girlfriend.

Users expected their AI Replikas to both be customizable to serve their needs and to have a human-like or sassy mind of their own and not spit out machine-like answers. Users thus projected dominant notions of male control over technology and women, mixed with AI and postfeminist fantasies of ostensible independence onto the interactional agents and activated similar scripts embedded in the devices. The vicious feedback loop consolidated dominant scripts on gender and technology whilst appearing novel and created by users. While most research on the use of AI is conducted in applied computer science to improve user experience, this article outlines a media and cultural studies lens for a critical understanding of these emerging technologies as they become embedded in communication and meaning-making.



Iliana DEPOUNTI is an ESRC PhD researcher in Media and Sociology at the University of Loughborough, UK. Iliana holds a BA in Communication from the American College of Greece, an MA in Digital Media Management from Birkbeck University, London and an MSc in Social Science Research from Loughborough University. Her PhD is about care and companionship with robots and she focuses her research on the AI companion chatbot app Replika. In her PhD she uses science and technology studies, cultural studies and sociology to analyze the interpretative flexibility of technological products. Iliana’s research interests lie in AI, robots, human-machine communication, gender, care and consumer culture.

Follow her on Twitter: @IDepounti
Contact her at: i.depounti@lboro.ac.uk

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