The Geranium Platform: A KG-Based System for Academic Publications

Information 2021, 12(9), 366
Garifo, G., Futia, G., Vetrò, A., De Martin, J.C.
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September 8, 2021

Knowledge Graphs (KGs) have emerged as a core technology for incorporating human knowledge because of their capability to capture the relational dimension of information and of its semantic properties. The nature of KGs meets one of the vocational pursuits of academic institutions, which is sharing their intellectual output, especially publications. In this paper, we describe and make available the Polito Knowledge Graph (PKG) –which semantically connects information on more than 23,000 publications and 34,000 authors– and Geranium, a semantic platform that leverages the properties of the PKG to offer advanced services for search and exploration. In particular, we describe the Geranium recommendation system, which exploits Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) to suggest collaboration opportunities between researchers of different disciplines. This work integrates the state of the art because we use data from a real application in the scholarly domain, while the current literature still explores the combination of KGs and GNNs in a prototypal context using synthetic data. The results shows that the fusion of these technologies represents a promising approach for recommendation and metadata inference in the scholarly domain.