The Nexa Center for Internet & Society is strongly committed to disseminating the outputs of its activities as widely as possible.

In keeping with that commitment, the co-directors and the members of the staff strive to make available all their artifacts (scientific publications, reports, newspapers op-eds, source code, videos, etc.) on the Nexa Center website, with a default Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. More specifically:

  • The pre-print of our scientific publications are available in the publications page.
  • In addition, scientific publications are uploaded in the institutional repository of Politecnico di Torino (PORTO: in that case the free access to the publications depends on the OA policy (e.g., an embargo period) of each journal (please see
  • Videos of our seminars are available in a dedicated audo-video page and on the Nexa Center You Tube Channel (under a CC license also in this latter venue.)
  • Articles signed by co-directors for national newspapers are available on this site as well as on the newspapers online archives : in particular La Stampa and La Repubblica
  • Our software source code is avaiable on GitHub.