Claudio Artusio

This is a Nexa alumnus/alumna page. The information may be out of date.


Fellow 2014-2022

Claudio Artusio graduated in Law at the Univerisity of Turin in 2009. He collaborates with the Nexa Center since the spring of 2010 focusing on Public Sector Information (PSI) and open licenses. As Staff Research Fellow, from 2013 to 2015, he performed support and research in the field of open contents and open licenses: he provided front office assistance for Creative Commons Italia and was the operation manager of SeLiLi – the Free Licenses Service clinic. In addition, he followed the advancement of the LAPSI2.0 and PASTEUR4OA projects and managed the development of the research performed by the Nexa Center on the Legal Aspects of Service Robotics and on the exploitation of Open Data within the Italian Parliament.
Previously, he managed the contents of the EVPSI Research Project and the LAPSI Thematic Network websites, both dedicated to PSI, and studied the potential connections between Trademarks (and related IP rights) and PSI within the EVPSI Project.
In 2018 Claudio joined Synapta, an innovative start-up specializing in linked data and the first spin-off of the Nexa Center, where he performs legal research and data scouting activities, in particular contributing to, a project initially incubated at the Center.