The hitchhiker’s guide to the Network Neutrality Bot test methodology

Congresso AICA 2011
Simone Basso, Antonio Servetti and Juan Carlos De Martin
16 November 2011

The Neubot project is based on an open-source computer program, the Neubot, that, downloaded and installed by Internet users, performs quality of service measurements and collects data at a central server. The raw results are published on the web under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Zero license. This paper is the guide for researchers and individuals that aims to study, build on and analyze Neubot methodology and results. We provide an exhaustive documentation of Neubot’s HTTP test behavior, along with a discussion of the methodology. Besides that, the article shows an analysis of the Turin-area results (in the May-September time interval) and explains the rationale behind the privacy policy, which allows us to publish results as raw data.

You can also download the slides and the raw data and scripts used for the article.

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