Rationale, Design, and Implementation of the Network Neutrality Bot

Congresso AICA 2010, L'Aquila, Italy
Simone Basso, Antonio Servetti, e Juan Carlos De Martin
29 - 30 September, 1 October 2010

The “Network Neutrality Bot” (Neubot) is a software application that measures, in a distributed way, Internet access quality of service with a specific emphasis on detection of potential network neutrality violations (such as peer-to-peer traffic discrimination). It is based on a lightweight, open-source computer program that can be downloaded and installed by ordinary Internet users. The program performs background tests: the results are sent to a centralized server (or collection of servers), which publishes them, thus rebalancing, at least in part, the current deep information asymmetry between Internet Service Providers and users. The collected data will allow constant monitoring of the state of the Internet, enabling a deeper understanding of such crucial infrastructure, as well as a more reliable basis for discussing network neutrality policies.

Paper and slides are available in PDF format.