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Making Italian public sector information freely accessible and re-usable (using Piemonte as a pilot case)
Making possible and monitoring the impact of anonymous wireless access to the Internet
An Internet bot software designed to gather network performance data useful to quantify Internet protocol discrimination
A collaborative study to analyze the role of open data (published or reused by) the Italian Parliament, with an international benchmarking
A project for enabling MAchine ProcessAble pOrtals for Public Administrations
Feasibility study in the context of Open Government Data for enabling collaborative processes to improve data quality and usability
A Semantic tool for checking Italian Open Government Data quality in the context of the Transparency Decree (d.lgs33/2013)
The fifth edition of the Italian Internet Governance Forum has been held in Torino, co-organized by the Nexa Center
Project for the development of techniques for the place-of-origin estimation of a Web page
Contributing the Italian bit to the overall picture of Internet and the role of transparency and accountability online
An analysis of the impact of the EU Proposal on online behavior and on business strategies.
Harmonising Open data in the MEditerranean through better access and Reuse of public sector information
Improving the accessibility of collections of historical titles at the Central Library of Engineering of Politecnico di Torino
Leveraging the potential of digital technologies and open data to allow disabled people to better enjoy the Italian cultural heritage
A review of the existing literature and an empirical research on teenagers' behavior online, focused on the related legal implications